Interinstitutional Articulation

In Paraguay, the CDIA is a member of the Association of Non-Governmental Organizations Paraguay – POJOAJU, the Human Rights Coordinator of Paraguay – CODEHUPY, and the Network Against All Forms of Discrimination – RCTFD.

In the region we are part of the Latin American and Caribbean Network for the Defense of the Rights of Children and Adolescents – REDLAMYC.

Meanwhile, in the international arena CDIA is recognized as a national coalition of NGOs by the NGO Group to support the Committee on the Rights of the Child of the United Nations.

Likewise, throughout its existence, the CDIA has signed agreements and understandings with the following organizations of civil society and state institutions:

– Secretaría de Acción Social / Secretariat for Social Action – SAS, Paraguay (2015)

– Stars Foundation, UK (2015)

– Mecanismo Nacional de Prevención de la Tortura / National Mechanism for Prevention of Torture – MNP, Paraguay (2015)

– CREO Desarrollo / CREO Development – CREDES, Spain (2015)

– Universidad Columbia del Paraguay/ Columbia University of Paraguay, Paraguay (2014)

– Ministerio de Educación y Cultura / Ministry of Education and Culture – MEC, Paraguay (2014)

– Plan Paraguay, Paraguay (2013)

– Ayuda en Acción/ Aid in Action, Paraguay (2009)

– Contraloría General de la República/ Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, Paraguay (2011)

– Dirección General de Estadística, Encuestas y Censos / General Directorate of Statistics, Surveys and Censuses – DGEEC, Paraguay (2010)

– Secretaría Nacional de la Niñez y la Adolescencia/ National Secretariat for Children and Adolescents – SNNA and Decidamos, Campaign for citizen expression, Paraguay (2009)

– Municipalidad de la ciudad de Asunción, Paraguay/ Municipality of Asuncion, Paraguay (2009)

– Secretaría Nacional de la Niñez y la Adolescencia / National Secretariat for Children and Adolescents – SNNA, Paraguay (2008)